Born and raised in the South of France, my mother pass me down her taste for nutritious foods and healthy cooking and my father his passion for fitness.

After training for years, I realized that unfortunately, the fitness industry is filled with unhealthy supplements, processed foods and false advertising. You might find that people look “great” from the outside when following a specific diet and supplementing with products that 90% of us can’t even read the ingredients. While on the inside their bodies are failing them!

​That’s when I decided to become a Holistic Nutritionist in order to better understand the body as a WHOLE. Food not only provides the energy needed to function in our daily lives but constantly supplies the nutrients which are required to build and regenerate body tissue, bone, muscle, fat and blood. When we learn how to fuel our body properly, and supply it with the appropriate nutrients, we eliminate toxins, restore balance while burning fat and activating your metabolism.

I don’t count my calories or micros because I believe that healthy eating habits simply leads to a natural balance. Each body is different and unique and I am just here to teach you that despite what you are told or believe, you CAN lift heavy, gain strength and look fit following a plant based lifestyle!


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